Think Spring...and Welcome Back, Thena!

Ahhh...spring is in the air (for all of our northern hemisphere readers)! Where we live in Minnesota, there are four distinct seasons and the welcome sign of spring sparks neighborhoods to come alive with outdoor activity.

Inspired to bring this new season into my art, I added the Simply Spring line to our Nature's Sketchbook series. Soft, painterly old book print papers, cherry blossoms, and silk ribbon embroidery  juxtapose with aged metal frames for eclectic and versatile creative materials.

We're also excited to announce a renewed collaboration with longtime friend and writer, Thena Smith! Our first release is some springtime word art (more of Thena's poetry coming on an on-going basis).
Thena shares a bit about her amazing writing journey, "My love of poetry and writing began in grade school when our teacher assigned us the task of writing a Christmas poem.Who knew that would lead to a passion for poetry as well as prose! From then on my notebook pages were decorated with little verses for my friends. When hubby got me my first computer and I started playing around with digital, I found the two went together like peanut butter and jelly. I started sharing both my digital pages and my poetry with friends. That's how I met Michelle. I commented on a wonderful page of hers in the ScrapJazz gallery and she wrote back. Soon after that I was on her Design Team and getting to play with her beautiful creations. Even though I gave up my position in order to devote more time to writing, Michelle and Kris have a special place in my heart, as does CottageArts. Who knows, when I retire from my retirement (which keeps me so busy) I might ask to come back..."

Below is some spring inspiration from our team, as well as more new products! See our Think Spring Gallery for layout details. Watch for our newsletter tomorrow for a great sale! Enjoy! Michelle

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