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The CottageArts.net team is so excited to share our blog with you!!!

Thanks for being on the digital journey with us these past six years...it's our hope this blog will be another fun tool for us to share our art and photography with you, and get to know you better in the process.

Since quilting was a past love of mine, I've always wanted to make a digital collage "quilt" and thought I'd share one I recently made. With digital stitching and Adobe Photoshop (or Photoshop Elements/Corel Paint Shop Pro) it is very easy to "piece" together. My photography trip to Molokai, Hawaii, in 2007 was such an inspiration to me that I wanted to showcase some memories from the trip. We'd love to see links to digital "quilts" you make (you can link to them in the comments).

Special thanks to Kari Long for the fabulous blog installation work using WordPress!


Michelle Shefveland and the Team at CottageArts.net

Hawaiian Splendor

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