First Aid Page Pak

First Aid Page Pak
First Aid Page Pak
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Product Description

Yes, you can scrap the bumps and bruises in life, as sometimes those are the most memorable stories for your family. Page Pak includes 10 12x12 papers with chalkboard, chalky color block shapes, medical words paper, and textured red and white solids. Plus 31 embellishments including: band-aid, gauze pad, borders, frames, heart word nuggets with: BooBoo, Doctor Visit, Get Well , Big Owie, Sick Day, Blank, mat, mirror, ribbon with red cross symbol, thermometer, file folder, checklist, medical bag, prescription check-list, Prescribed by Dr. Mom Title Tag, metal eyelet, realistic medical embellishments that will be so fun to use (even for school projects and career pages)!

Artist: Michelle Shefveland

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Includes 31 JPG and PNG files
Resolution 300 dpi
Download Zip file size: 36 MB