Professional/Commercial Use

In order to allow professional photographers, scrapbookers, genealogical preservationists, and other photographic related artists to be able to use graphics for frequently requested Professional and non-personal uses, we have prepared the Limited Professional Use License option for purchase on each product. Only the uses of the graphics described here can be licensed under this Limited Professional Use License. We have attempted to consider the various needs of our licensees. If you would like us to consider issuing a license for a different use, please contact us via the Support/Contact Us button at the top of the shop.

Note that our products cannot be used by graphic designers re-selling digital graphics or in commercial manufacturing print products, unless permission is granted by

Using our graphics on your personal blog is considered personal use, as long as credit is given on the blog.

If you have already purchased an item(s) and wish to convert it/them to professional use, select the link below: