8x8 Perpetual Calendar Templates

8x8 Perpetual Calendar Templates
8x8 Perpetual Calendar Templates8x8 Perpetual Calendar Templates8x8 Perpetual Calendar Templates8x8 Perpetual Calendar Templates8x8 Perpetual Calendar Templates
8x8 Perpetual Calendar Templates
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Product Description

Note: Designer papers shown on samples not included, but show examples of how templates can be used.

We've added a new calendar to our line-up: Perpetual Calendar Templates! To allow more flexibility and customization, our Perpetual Calendar Templates are in layered PSD format, which can be used year after year, as well as in your Photo-a-Day project albums (PSD format is Photoshop’s native format where all layers are left intact for future editing). Simply type your desired Month/Year on the text layer and select the appropriate date sequence for that month/year. Too much fun!

You can paste your favorite papers and photos into the different colored shapes (each on its own layer, except for the calendar squares which are on one layer together).

Since there are so many variations possible, Michelle has included a 6-Page Step-by-Step PDF Tutorial w/Visuals, plus 5 sample calendars using various fonts/designer papers for inspiration. Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view PDFs (free download available at adobe.com).

Note: This version is identical to the CD Case version, except sized for 8x8 calendars.

See all of our calendars here.

Compatible with Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements (will open in Paint Shop Pro...just won't recognize the drop shadow layer styles or text). Can re-size to smaller sizes and rotate or flip photo templates.

Artists: Michelle and Rachel Shefveland

Photographers, Videographers, Scrapbook Artists, and other digital artists...learn about our Professional Use License and purchase info here.

Calendar Pak Contents:
5 - 8x8 Photo cluster PSD Templates with shadows (either layer styles or custom lifted)
3 - 8x2 decorative paper/lace border accents
1 - 8x8 Calendar Layout PSD Template with text layers
7 variations of date overlays
6-Page Step-by-Step PDF Tutorial w/Visuals by Michelle Shefveland Contact Sheet showing images of everything included in kit for easy access

Includes 17 PSD, PDF, and PNG files
Resolution 300 dpi
16 MB